Youth Policy Solutions Day in Victoria – What We Learned

On October 24th 2017, Fostering Change and First Call BC joined forces for an amazing day of dialogue between youth in-and-from foster care and provincial politicians.

Since then, our partners at First Call BC have spent time carefully reflecting on the actions of the day, and what this means for tomorrow.

Policy Solutions Day composed of two events, a public action to educate audiences, celebrate and make visible youth advocacy, and a private event for young leaders to present policy solutions to the MLAs who signed the Support the 700 pledge.

At least 60 young leaders came out to present on policy change. They were joined by at least 24 MLAs, including Premier John Horgan, current Minister of Children and Family Development, Katrine Conroy, and former minister Stephanie Cadieux. The presentations by the young leaders were well-received. Minister Conroy told the CBC that government was looking at "a lot of options," including expanding its post-secondary tuition waiver program

Over 200 people turned out for the public event and rally. Speakers included several youth from care, Minister Katrine Conroy, and Representative for Children and Youth, Bernard Richard. Media coverage of the events and rally were sympathetic and widespread. The event recorded over 80 hits in traditional news outlets, while youth and adult allies created 17 videos of the day, which were viewed more than 45,000 times.

"Being apart of the rally for youth in and from care was incredibly impactful for me. This rally highlighted the complexities of youth in care experiences, and unpacked the intersections in which these needs have for young people, like education and housing. Having representation of youth in and from care from various communities in BC allowed for the multiple stories and truths to be heard. I am excited to see the message this rally gave, be brought forward in future dialogues and actions of change unfold for the youth in and from care community." - Ruby Barclay


Download the full First Call BC Report.