The Video Project

Fostering Change teamed up with CREATIVISION - a company dedicated to bringing out the best creativity in those who engage with it. 

What Fostering Change is doing 

- Scripted, filmed and dreamed by you! Let's create videos for the campaign together.
- A campaign video is to convince the watcher/audience of the change we fight for
- There are 3 themes to pick from, tailored to the audience 
- Hosting a some workshops so you can shoot the video on your phone with ease!

How CREATIVISION is going to help

  • Shawn - the fonder of creatvision and his team are stoked to be involved!
  • They are happy to help with tips and tricks in writing and shooting your videos
  • They are going to take care of the editing  

What else do I need to know?

  • Must be 19+ 
  • Must agree in writing (messenger, or text works) that their video may be used in the video, in the public eye 
  • Shoot the video on their phone in a horizontal angle (sideways)
  • A $20 honorarium for each video submission regardless whether we use it or not (maximum 3 submissions, one for each theme) 
  • You'll need to access Google Drive - questions? we are here to help!

How long should my video be?
- Submit 2-3 minutes of material.
- Submissions will be edited in themes to create 3 different videos which will be shared at events, and on social media

The themes for the video project

1. A message to the Ministers: Why comprehensive and universal supports are important

2. A message to other youth in/from care: Why join us/What Fostering Change means to you

3. A message to the public - to build awareness about youth transitions: Who we are, what we do, and what Fostering Change means to you

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