The Candidates Commitments to Youth Transitions

How Will The Candidates Support Youth Transitions

We asked each of the parties the following questions to show their commitment to providing improved support and opportunities for youth aging out of foster care and to send the answers in by October 16, 2020. All answers were received by the deadline, and have been posted in the format we received each reply with a link to the full platform posted below the party title, in the order we received the reply.

  1. Will your party support automatic enrollment of all young people transitioning out of care in an income support program that meets their basic living costs?
  2. Will your party sustain the emergency extended supports for youth from care after the pandemic is over?
  3. Will your party ensure access to comprehensive mental health services for all youth transitioning from care?
  4. Will your party designate additional housing, created by BC Housing, for youth leaving care so they can afford to find an affordable, safe dwelling as opposed to homelessness?


Full NDP Platform available here

BC Green's 

Full BC Green's Platform available here 


BC Liberals 

Full Platform available here