Spring Feast at Lu'ma Native Housing

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the Fostering Change team and photographer Claudette Carracedo were invited to participate in the Lu’ma Native Housing Society’s Spring Feast at their East Vancouver facility. Approximately 30 youth and their allies attended a home-cooked dinner of traditional First Nations cuisine from across Canada.


Affordable housing is just the start

Incorporated in 1980, Lu’ma Native Housing Society provides affordable housing to Aboriginal families and individuals with low to moderate income. The Society currently owns and operates an affordable housing portfolio in excess of 300 units. While their primary focus is to build, own and operate affordable housing, they also provide a range of services such as the Aboriginal Patients’ Lodge, Community Voice Mail, Aboriginal Children’s Village, the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing program and the First Funds Society. Together these programs offer a world of support to a number of aboriginal youth transitioning out of care in Vancouver.



Traditional feast


The feast was delicious and animated with lessons on the traditional cooking practices that went into the meal. Thank you to Jason Cook, Sheldon Martin and the team at Lu'ma for the warm welcome.

More about Lu’ma First Nations Housing

Find out more about the work of Lu’ma First Nations Housing, and see how you can contribute to their work supporting Aboriginal homelessness.

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