Reply from the Premier

Sometimes government can take their time in considering a response. After (almost) six months, we received a response to our briefing note submitted on October 24th's Youth Policy Solutions Day.

What we've learned:

  • We requested a cross-ministry task force be created to address our memorandum. Chaired by Ministry of Children and Family Development Assistant Deputy Minister Carolyn Kamper, they are considering our asks
  • MCFD has made some changes recently, including the eligibility criteria for AYAs expanding up one year and rolling through summer months, in addition to a $250 per month bump for eligible youth
  • Our memorandum is being shared with the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth

See the response letter here.

What's important:

  • The government is listening: "I commit to expand and improve supports to youth transitioning from care through the development of an action plan to be created by the Cross-Ministry working group."
  • MCFD is "reimagining the AYA program with the goal of offering supports to all youth aging out of care who need it, and not just a few."
  • The Provincial Tuition Waiver program should be expanded.