Read our 2019 Policy Brief

This year's brief covered two main asks: First, our demand for consistent, universal, and comprehensive supports for youth after 19. Second, our ask for #AgingIntoHomes: money that we can use to start-up our first houses after care.

Read the brief here.

"Our Goal

  • Adequate and reliable financial support by:
  • removing policy barriers including the age cap and minimum in-care time period for the Agreements with Young Adults program; and
  • guaranteeing equitable access to start-up costs to help us buy the things we need to live independently when we age out of care.

Policy solutions that are:

  • Comprehensive: Support that lifts us into equity with our peers, including financial support based on actual living costs in our communities, mental health and life skills resources, and supportive people in our lives.
  • Universal: All youth who age out of government care at 19 have access, regardless of legal status or readiness, to attend post-secondary. Additionally, this support must be available to any youth who has spent time in care and does not have access to support at 19."