Public and the media show their support for young people leaving foster care

Commissioning Public Opinion research can be like ordering at that restaurant you hardly ever get out to. You think you know what you’ll get, but it’s been a while. Menus change. Chefs explode. The in-crowd moves on.

So when we asked Insights West to repeat our 2013 Youth Transitions Survey, we weren’t sure what we would get back. Do people still feel the same? We will learn anything new? Are the media still interested?

Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes. The public, more than ever, proved that they care about the success of young people. Over 92 per cent of British Columbia parents of 19-to-28-year-old adult children are providing them with a range of financial, social network and emotional supports. This time around we learnt that 71 per cent of British Columbians agree that young people from foster care should receive a stipend to support their cost of living until age 25.

According to Insights West it’s hard to get BC to agree on something, and that these are big numbers.

Media get behind youth in care

We were thrilled to see journalists across the lower mainland helping to spread the word on this issue. We are inspired by their dedication – some of them have been working on these issues for years.

Vancouver Sun (Lori Culbert) - Poll finds overwhelming support for extending help for kids in care

Vancouver Sun (Op-Ed) - Opinion: Like any young adult children, many foster kids aging out need help

CKNW 980 (Estefania Duran) - Poll shows support for extending financial support of foster children to 25

You can catch up on some of the coverage below, and don’t forget to get your copy of the 2016 Youth Transitions Survey: Early Results. Full results coming soon.