Profile: Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks

At Fostering Change, we appreciate the amazing efforts by others to provide opportunities and support for youth in and from government care. This series of articles profiles some of the organizations and people that are working hard to improve things for young people in our communities.

Take a little time to find out more about the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN), how they show up for youth in and from care, and how you can support them.

Who they are

A provincial, youth-driven non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of young people in and from care across BC, between the ages 14 and 24. Founded by youth in 1993, FBCYICN is a supportive community who work together to shape a province where all young people can thrive.

“The Fed environment feels like you are accepted for where you are at and you can grow at your own pace…a big weird family where you can find your niche.” - Josh B, youth member and volunteer 

How they show up for youth leaving care

Together as youth, alumni, allies, staff and board members, they provide programs and services that support BC’s young people before, during and after their transition from government care to:

  • Advocate for themselves, each other, and a better child welfare and young-adult support system—they are helping to build a vocal youth in care movement
  • Connect with a network of peers from care, caring adults, supportive resources and exciting opportunities
  • Empower themselves to explore and develop goals and skills, give back to their community, and receive one-to-one support from trained peers, allies and staff

Programs and Services

In person, online and phone-in one-to-one support; post-secondary, skill training bursaries; funding to support transition to independent living; youth retreats; leadership and volunteer training and roles; community-based youth groups; sharing their voices through their own magazine, presentations and in the media.

“We’re so proud to work alongside some of the most amazing youth in our province. So many of you are superheroes—rising above huge barriers and achieving your goals. But we all need support. No one should have to be a superhero to thrive in this province.” – Jules Wilson, Executive Director

How to support them

Connect with FBCYICN


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 1 800 565 8055

Social media:

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