Policy Slam'N Jam

Our campaign is steadfast on our goal toward universal and comprehensive supports for youth leaving care. Still, our ask is expensive and requires many different MLAs to get on board. Together, our team reviewed best practices surrounding child welfare policy and considered five campaign policy memorandum's, and narrowed it down to two.


  1. Aging Into Homes - Youth from care should be able to count on money that helps them start-up their first home. Right now, this is inconsistent and unreliable. Let's change that.
  2. Improving mental health supports - Our community knows this is an issue, but what's next?
  3. Siblings Bill of Rights - Colorado's Siblings Bill of Rights was a massive inspiration. 
  4. Expanding Tuition Waivers - Most youth from care in BC have access to tuition funding, but what about living expenses?
  5. #FosterStability - a campaign to ensure a mandatory move notice before administrative placement changes, modeled after California Youth Connection's amazing work


Check out the graphic recording of the event below. Ultimately, we decided on #AgingOutIntoHomes. More info in the near future!