Do you know a child or youth from care that deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged by an award? 

The BC Child and Youth in Care Awards recognize the amazing achievements of children and youth in and from care from across the province. During BC Child and Youth in Care Week (June 6 – 12) awards will be given across three age groups and in 6 categories.

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Deadline: nominations must be received by April 15th, 2016 at 4:00pm



Meredith Graham is a former-youth-in-care-turned Youth and Family Development Worker for St. Leonard's Youth and Family Services. Meredith recently received The Courage to Come Back Award for social adversity. We asked her how it felt.

“To be nominated for The Courage to Come Back Award,” says Meredith, “was incredibly humbling, encouraging, and affirming. It showed me that someone was paying attention to not only what adversity I had endured but to the triumphs I have experienced, as well.”

Meredith believes awards can do a number of really important things for young people in and from care. In her words:

  1. It is important for the rest of the world to see that young people in and from care are capable, strong, intelligent, creative, resilient, thoughtful, caring, and generous contributing members to their communities.
  2. It is an intentional recognition of a young person’s hard work.
  3. It is a message to the young person that they are doing healthy and wonderful things worthy of appreciation.
  4. Being nominated boosts self-esteem, confidence, and can motivate a young person to continue striving.
  5. It highlights a young person’s unique skills and strengths.

Words of wisdom

Meredith also offered some thoughts for young people in care.

Your experiences in adversity – whatever they may be – do not define you. These are pieces of you and you are so much more than the sum of your parts.

"Stand in your strength,” says Meredith. “Find something you love doing and do it. Dream big. Then chase those dreams.”

Thinking of nominating?

Meredith speaks passionately about people that take the time and effort to nominate someone for an award. In gratitude, she says:

  • Thank you.
  • Thank you for showing up and being present.
  • Thank you for seeing the goodness in us and reflecting it back.
  • Thank you for celebrating young people.
  • Thank you for celebrating the strengths and resiliency of young people in and from care.


Is there someone you know that deserves to be nominated for an award?


Nominate someone today

Nominations can be made online via a simple form. Please make sure that you have updated contact information for the individual you are nominating before you submit your application. 


If you require additional information about the awards please contact:

Sheri Brown


BC Child and Youth in Care Awards - Categories 


Demonstration of achievement in Educational or Athletics pursuits.

a child, youth or young adult who has excelled in their educational goals or in the pursuit of athletic activities.

Demonstration of courage and leadership.

a child, youth or young adult who shows a willingness to try new things, take healthy risks and/ or demonstrates leadership in home, school or community life.

Demonstration of cultural connectedness.

a child, youth or young adult who is connected to their cultural community through language learning, dance, artistic pursuits, volunteering or ceremonies.

Demonstration of achievement in artistic pursuits.

a child, youth or young adult who is connected to the arts community through participation in creating art, performance, writing, dance, drama or spoken word.

Peer champion award.

a child, youth or young adult who actively provides peer leadership, role models healthy behaviors, and or is seen as a powerful self advocate or advocate for the rights of children, youth or young adults. * Must be accompanied by both an adult nomination AND a peer nomination.

Super Star Award.

one award provided in each age group for a child, youth or young adult who excels in 2 or more of the five categories.

DEADLINE: Nominations must be received by April 15th, 2016 at 4:00pm