Meet Two Fostering Change Allies

During our May 27th #SupportThe700 strategy workshop, we joined forces with a number of allies and crafted practical approaches to ensuring that newly elected MLAs honour their pledges to support youth in and from care.

Among these allies were Georgeann Glover and Lorraine Mock, who, along with other things, helped us develop communications strategies for reaching out to MLAs. They spoke to us briefly about what brought them to the event, what they'd like to see more of, and why it's so important that all youth get a chance to flourish.  

Georgeann Glover


A lawyer by profession, Georgeann Glover attended our May workshop after learning about Fostering Change through her involvement with Aunt Leah’s.

“I was attending Aunt Leah’s AGM, and there was a speaker there on behalf of the Vancouver Foundation. They mentioned some of the research that had been done for the Fostering Change initiative, and it got my attention.”

“I read it through and there were some things that really stood out. In particular, the statistic that 92 percent of parents give their adult children some type of support. It made me think about my own family and realize that what I’ve done for my daughter, I could do for someone in need.”

Georgeann believes that research findings like this should be emphasized. 

‘Individual stories are important, but that type research is so powerful because it gives a picture of what is happening in general, and it allows you to speak in the language of broadly applicable facts, which is a great tool for educating others about the issue. We need more of this to help the public grasp just how much tougher young people from care have it.” 

 Lorraine Mock


For Lorraine Mock, the day was just a click away.

“I was on Facebook and a post about the event just happened to pop up on my feed. Promises are nothing without action, and the focus on holding MLAs accountable for their pledges led me to RSVP.“

A certified life skills coach and councilor, Lorraine is a busy volunteer with Covenant House, which provides shelter and support to at-risk young people aged 16-24.

‘Nineteen falls right within the 16-24 range, so many of the young people we see are there because they’ve recently aged out and haven’t been properly supported. The system is meant to protect people from falling through the cracks, and as long as it’s failing to do that I’ll be at events like this. I want to be part of the voice that helps all youth get what they deserve.”

Lorraine plans to continue her volunteer work and to keep learning about what she can do to help youth in need. She’s also thinking of taking her commitment even further. 

 “I’ve been looking into becoming a foster parent. At this point I’m just researching the necessary steps, but I feel I have more to give these young people, so I'm strongly considering it."


We want to thank all the passionate allies we meet at our events. Next up is a September 30th Policy Strategy Meeting and Celebration Extravaganza, and on October 3rd we will be partnering with Housing Matters Media to hold Portraits of Connection, a series of short films on remarkable adults who experienced foster care.