Fostering Change through Learning and Evaluation

Almost exactly three years ago we started on the Fostering Change shared learning and evaluation journey. On November 14, 2014, staff from five organizations (Fostering Change multi-year grantees) met at Aunt Leah’s Place for the first ever Shared Learning and Evaluation working group meeting.

We had a lot of hopes and dreams for what that working group would do, and we were nervous.

Would grantees like this way of working? Would it be beneficial to them? Would they be honest with us since we are ‘the funder’? Would they rather just submit a written report and not have to spend their valuable time working together in person?

Reflecting on the past three years of work, the hopes and dreams we had at that time have been exceeded by leaps and bounds, and we’ve learned to hope and dream about a whole bunch of new things.

It turns out building a community of grantees, funders and young people is possible, and not only possible, but extremely desirable. The community has grown, evolved, experienced challenges and celebrated together. And now that community is ready to explore its future.   

One thing has remained constant however – the guiding question for this work: What can improve practice and policy for young people as they transition from foster care to adulthood?

The power of this question has guided our work for the past three or more years, and has provided us with a wealth of data, learning, stories and experiences that will contribute to improving the lives of those in and from foster care in BC.

You can see many of the stories on this website, and through the graphic recordings below. You can also see that the work will live on, and that there is a desire for continuing to connect face to face, for maintaining a non-competitive environment, and for joining youth advisory circles together for some shared work.

At the end of last week’s Grantee Learning Day, we asked people to take a moment and share what they were leaving with.

You can see their answers in the photo below.