Ask Your Candidates



In BC, approximately 700 youth age out of the foster care system each year. If elected to government, MLAs become their ‘public parent’, responsible for their well-being and success. Here are some questions you should ask your provincial election candidates about how they'll support youth aging out of care:

Q1 Are you ready to be the public parent to 700 nineteen-year-olds, and what support will you make sure they have before aging out?

We’ve all been 19, and most of us didn’t make it on our own. That’s why in BC, 92% of parents provide their children age 19+ with financial support, help with rent and groceries, emotional support and advice.

Q2 What help would you give your own kids at 19, and what specific actions will you take to make sure youth aging out of care receive the same?

Youth aging out of foster care in BC experience unacceptably high levels of homelessness, mental health issues, and low graduation rates. This costs the province over $250m per year.

Q3 If elected, how will you work across government to create a joint response to the issues faced by youth aging out of care?

Over 17,000 people in BC have signed a petition to increase financial support for youth aging out of care, and 71% of the public support the idea of providing them with living expenses.

Q4 What is your plan to provide consistent financial support for youth aging out of foster care?


01 Send a message to all candidates in your riding asking them to sign the pledge of to support youth aging out of foster care.

02 Share a graphic or message of support with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so that they can contact their candidates and ask the same.

03 Attend an all candidates meeting near you, and speak up for youth aging out of foster care.