Annual 19th Birthday Celebration

So many youth from care miss out on celebrating themselves on their 19th birthday because leaving the care system is often not a time that allows for celebration. Since 2018, we take pause to highlight our communities triumphs with youth, allies and stakeholders.

We celebrated on a virtual platform this year, and to help celebrate we provided Celebration Packages including cake mix, glow sticks, streamers, bubbles, party hats and campaign swag! 

Together we

- laughed as we made our mug cake
- listened to toasts from youth and allies as they highlighted their own achievements
- encouraged each other in sharing 
- decorated our spaces together from a far 
- envisioned what a 19th Birthday Celebration should be

The event was a cozy, comfortable time. We would like to thank the youth team for their endless courage, those who toasted, those who attended and the 19th Birthday Party Crew for their work in organizing. 

We continue to call on the government to support all youth leaving care with support that is for everyone, regardless of eligibility requirements. 
At Fostering Change, we believe that every youth should look forward to their 19th Birthday. 

"We envision a birthday dinner with family. Something, you know, normal, not worrying about the possibility of homelessness." - a youth attendee 

Does this sound like your kind of party?
Get in touch with Campaign Organizer Susan Russell to see how you can be involved in the campaign and take part next year!
[email protected]