2017 Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver

2017 Homeless Count In Metro Vancouver: Final Report Out Now

A point-in-time homeless count has been conducted every three years in Metro Vancouver since 2002. The data provided in the most recent count was collected on March 8th 2017 over a 24-hour period to give a snapshot of homelessness in the region. Unfortunately, it reveals that more people are becoming homeless or are at risk for becoming homeless, and that a disproportionate number of homeless individuals are Indigenous. 

For more stats like those below, as well as detailed discussion about the findings, please download the final report. The research was partially funded by the Vancouver Foundation, and was prepared by the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and M.Thomson Consulting for the Metro Vancouver Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Entity.


 The Count

3605 people were found to be experiencing homelessness

30 % increase in homelessness since 2014 (compared to a 6.5 % general population increase from 2011-2016)


72 % male

27 % female

1 % another gender

34 % identified as 'Aboriginal'

Barriers To Housing

50% ‘rent too high’

49% ‘income too low’

30% ‘no suitable housing’

Top Reported Sources Of Income

42% basic income assistance

28% disability benefit

21% had either a full-time or part-time job

Health & Service Use

83 % reported at least one health condition

52 % reported two or more health conditions