2017 Fostering Change Grantees

2017 Fostering Change Small Grant Recipients

Fostering Change is delighted to announce our Small Grants recipients!  

The purpose of the Small Grants call for proposals was to provide funding of up to $10,000 for youth and community led activities across four areas: youth engagement, relationship building, community convening and public engagement.

Our hope was that this pool of funding would provide the opportunity for organizations to pilot ideas both pre and post election on how to amplify and honour the voices of young leaders; to activate community members and organizations to mobilize for social change; and to build relationships and increase capacity among youth in and from care and those who care about them. We also wanted the grant recipients to be able to share what they’d learned and what they’d done with others so that their ideas could be replicated in other communities or at other organizations, if applicable.

While all projects are listed below, of particular note are those offering capacity building and training opportunities to other organizations and young people. PeerNet BC’s Fostering Access and Inclusion project offers scholarships to their anti-oppression, leadership, peer support and facilitation training workshops. Similarly, Organize BC’s Fostering Change Community Organizing Jumpstart project also offers training scholarships for young people and a campaign strategy day on May 27th for community partners, young leaders and adult allies: http://www.fosteringchange.ca/support_the_700_strategy_workshop.

If you have any questions or would like further information about any of the projects please contact Natalie or Kris

Organization name (Intermediary Organization)

Project Title

Project Description

Abbotsford Community Services


The continuation and extension of Life Chats, a peer-led support group, as an initiative to engage and connect youth with lived care experience to each other in Abbotsford, using crafts as an activity to bring youth together and to teach about social enterprises.

Aunt Leah's Independent Lifeskills Society

Foster Youth Food Guide

Using youth experience and knowledge of organizations that offer free food and community support such as Aunt Leah's, the Foster Youth Food Guide will create an online food resource that helps young people locate organizations that are transit accessible, safe and promote food security.

Federation of BC Youth In Care Networks

BC Child and Youth in Care Week Celebration Bursaries

A project to provide additional support to young leaders from care in BC and their adult allies who are looking to host community-based celebrations for BC Child and Youth in Care Week, celebrate a BCCYICW award winner, or ensure the increased visibility, celebration, and engagement of young leaders in non-partisan pre-election activities. Youth in and from care will be recruited to sit on a selection committee, review applications that come in from across BC, and recommend grant recipients.

First Funds Society


Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing Program

The current goals of the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing Program are to aid, assist, and support 15-20 Aboriginal youth that have or will be aging-out-of-care to develop lifeskills and other key areas to assist in their transition to adulthood. It has also been found that these indigenous youth also need access to healing through a variety of practices to match each youth's individual deeds such as traditional, cultural, alternative, and innovative methods to assist with trauma, addictions, mental health, and other emotional barriers the youth are experiencing. This grant will provide youth opportunities to strengthen or develop cultural connections to community.

Global Youth Education Network Society

Fostering Change Community Organizing Jumpstart

Fostering Change Community Organizing Jumpstart will provide new community organizers with the skills, relationships and confidence to run effective campaigns.

Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society

Mobilize Change for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

A two-component initiative comprised of a launch event to release results from the Youth Homelessness Count to educate the public through the voices of youth providing recommendations for social change, and the creation of a Safe Suites housing program to serve youth that are aging out of foster care, who need a supportive environment to stabilize and transcend homelessness.

Kiwassa Neighbourhood Services Association

Neighbourhood Love Letters

Neighbourhood Love Letters is an arts-based community engagement process connecting youth-in-and-from care with residents in Hastings-Sunrise & Grandview-Woodlands to harvest the deep, unspoken seeds of belonging that make up a neighbourhood, and to reflect the spirit of neighbourhood back to itself in its own words, illustrated in shared public spaces

McCreary Centre Society

Resilience Revolution: Roles and Realities of Stress in Youth’s Lives

The Youth Research Academy will conduct a Research Slam to offer youth with care experience the opportunity to learn research skills and engage in a short research project about how young people experience and manage stress. Members of the YRA and Slam participants will develop and deliver knowledge translation workshops to share their findings and gather feedback, as well as review the available tools and resources to help youth develop the skills they need to effectively manage stress.

Options Community Services Society


Nothing About Us Without Us All Candidates Meeting


A partnership of youth serving agencies in Surrey will develop a steering committee to oversee the planning of the Nothing About Us Without Us All Candidates meeting as a lead-up to the provincial election, such as contacting candidates, organizing the meeting agenda, seeking community partnerships, and securing the venue. The meeting will serve as a way for local candidates to present their thoughts and plans regarding issues concerning youth.

PeerNet BC

Fostering Access and Inclusion

The Fostering Access and Inclusion project will provide youth in and out of care, front-line youth in and out of care workers, and agencies of care opportunities to participate in anti-oppression, leadership, peer support and facilitation training workshops. These workshops help build awareness and give youth and adult allies skills and tools to navigate their own journey to advocate for their needs in and out of care systems and transition to a more connected community and network. PeerNetBC will provide scholarships for youth to attend our regular Spring and Fall workshop series as well as customized workshops for youth in care serving agencies.

Ready to Rent BC Association

Walk With Support Expansion

The Walk With Support project will utilize the iCarol platform to integrate texting and instant messaging in addition to in-person, email, and call support for youth needing housing support. The software will allow increased support for thousands of youth and provide data for Ready to Rent to learn about housing issues of youth and respond to these issues through adjusting course curriculum and supports, and disseminate the information to the community for collective impact.

The MacMillan Family Foundation (Discourse Media)


About Us, With Us: A Fellowship Program With the Youth in Care Community

The About Us, With Us project will give a youth in and from care a chance to participate in a fellowship program with the journalism team at Discourse Media to build capacity with interested youth (engagement workshops, listening events, and story-to-action meetings) under the mentorship from Discourse reporter and producer Brielle Morgan, who focuses on child welfare.

University of Victoria - Office of Research Services


Future Anything: Supportive Campuses For Former Youth In Care

The Future Anything project proposes to engage in dialogue, learning, action, and capacity building with staff, faculty, and foster youth in care at UVic, and to connect with and learn from other BC post-secondary institutions. This grant will support the development, evaluation, and refinement of a workshop that will be piloted at a UVic staff professional development event.

Vancity Community Foundation

(BC First Call Coalition)

Exploring Sustainable Youth Transitions Policy Advocacy in BC


The Exploring Sustainable Youth Transitions Policy Advocacy in BC project will convene youth-serving members and others engaged in youth-in-care transitions for a series of discussions of sharing and brainstorming about their roles in research, youth engagement, and youth leadership related specifically to raising public awareness and engaging in systemic advocacy. Organizers will be looking at the ideas and interest in how Fostering Change can collaborate and provide a platform for more opportunities for youth to engage directly with decision-makers in proposing policy changes and increased public investments to improve outcomes for youth-in-care, as well as monitoring the response from government and other institutions.

Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society


Keeping Connected: A Research Project with Youth Aging Into Community

Youth in or from Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society and adult co-researchers will develop a supportive "exit interview" process for youth leaving care at age 19, and develop a tool, to be used in dialogue between those youth and their workers, to measure youth connectedness to caring adults, culture, and community. The interviews and tool will be used to propose a longitudinal outcomes study to explore how youth connectedness changes and is best supported in the years after leaving care.